Discipleship Survey

The Global Great Commission Network has created and is continuing to develop a discipleship assessment survey that can be taken by individuals or as part of a church or other group assessment.  It is designed to measure discipleship in the areas of:

Personal Transformation
Social and Community Outreach
Spiritual Community

To participate in the survey as an individual click here.  

Users are encouraged to register in order to save the results for future reference and comparison

Users are led through a series of question to answer on a scale of 1 to 10 (one being not at all, and ten being very true). Responses are evaluated along a cross-grid matrix, with 3 vertical columns for Outreach, Community, and Spiritual Growth; and 3 horizontal rows for Understanding, Application and Lifestyle.  After taking the survey, users immediate receive in response a Survey Analysis.  Along with a “Score” in each category, the user can select ‘Resources’ under each category and this will take them to a growing list of resources available to help the user in each discipleship area.  The user also has the ability to add other resources to the Crowdsourced database.

It is also possible for a church/ministry/group or a network/denomination to participate in the discipleship survey as a group.  For instructions on how to set up a survey for your church or network, click here.

For more information or suggestions, contact [email protected].