GC Network

GC Network (GCn) is a mission focused social networking tool for the furtherance of Great Commission collaborative efforts. The Global Great Commission Network is pleased to partner with the Table Project, www.tableproject.org to develop GC Network, the online community of the Global Great Commission Network. We are excited about this partnership that will eventually link us with 2,500 churches currently using this resource.

If you are interested in accessing GCnetwork: Click Here

GC network is a social networking site focused on Missions and Great Commission efforts with goals to see the mission world better CONNECT, COMMUNICATE, AND COLLABORATE.


GCnetwork is first and foremost a virtual space to connect. This is a site to locate and be located. Here members will discover others with similar interests. We want to see people interacting with as many ministries, resources, etc. as possible. We are constantly learning about new networks, new initiatives and discovering new resources. There has to be some way of introducing all of this in a more succinct fashion. GCn is a place that introduces individuals to the variety of components that make up the Mission world and provides a platform to interact and hopefully collaborate with one another. The idea is that through GCn I find the resources, the information, the research, and the tools to assist me in fulfilling my vision as I interact with others that are doing their part.


Through GCnetwork we are able to encourage communication on a number of levels, share ideas, and champion a cause. From (1) the broadest communication that goes out to the whole mission community, including a calendar to post upcoming mission events; to (2) group communication that can be targeted to specific networks or groups; to (3) the individual quick notes that allow people to deliver a specific message to a specific person. This is the perfect space to remain connected to friends and colleagues serving in mission around the world. GCn is ideal for facilitating ongoing communication and eventual collaboration that we desire to see follow the many important gatherings that occur within the mission community throughout the year. Already networks and associations are beginning to use the GCn to facilitate discussion and share ideas by setting up Private or even Hidden Groups to facilitate their ongoing communication.


Our ultimate goal is that as people connect and communicate it will lead to increased collaboration between ministries, agencies, networks and individuals. We believe this collaboration is key to our finishing the task. Through GC Network you are able to champion a cause, raise awareness, share needs, create projects, plan outreaches, events, etc. GCn allows for a much greater level of interaction in communication.

In short the GCnetwork is:
1.    A place to discover and be discovered: including information, contacts and resources.
2.    A site to assist individuals, networks, associations, agencies with internal group discussion and information sharing while at the same time encouraging inner-agency communication as well.
3.    An educational environment for sharing and learning.
4.    A shared calendar informing the mission community about various events happening throughout the year and around the world.
5.    A safe, neutral platform committed to facilitating ongoing conversations important to mission apart from scheduled mission gatherings.

We are currently working to identify individuals who are interested in exploring how to leverage social media in new and creative ways to address the unique needs represented in our evolving mission world to serve on our Launch Team.

We continue to work to identify networks or associations interested in exploring how they can effectively manage their internal communications by utilizing GCn. Once a network or organization joins the GCn they can invite their own members, establish and manage their own Groups, either Public for the purpose of education and exposure, or Private or even completely Hidden Groups for internal communication.

If you are interested in more information about GCnetwork, please contact [email protected]