Unreached Peoples

The Unreached Peoples tab is designed to provide UPG research and other information, and specifically to facilitate cooperation in Unreached Peoples outreach between:

  1. Mission agencies
  2. Prayer Networks and other Prayer Resources
  3. Churches
  4. Donors and Potential Donors
  5. Business (BOM) people – individuals looking for Opportunities to connect with UPG outreach.

To facilitate this a re-launch of the Last Mile Calling network, introduced at Tokyo 2010, has been developed and is currently in beta testing. The LMC re-launch is designed with the primary purpose to enable networking between intercessors, givers, goers and senders around reaching the 4,500+ unreached people groups on the Last Mile Calling priority list. For more information on the Last Mile Calling goals and status go to www.ggcn.org/LMC

To participate in the beta testing and/or to get a closer look at the current work, browse www.gnms.net/lmc or email [email protected].

Other Unrached Peoples Resources

The Joshua Project identified 1700 groups with over 10,000 population who are/were unreached. We want to expand that to include all people groups in the world. The primary resources out there are databases of (1) Joshua Project, (2) WC Database, the (3) Southern Baptist database, and 4) Etnopeida. One other web site under development by the Global Network of Mission Structures is also listed.

  1. Joshua Project list - joshuaproject.org
  2. IMB/Southern Baptist lists – Peoplegroups.org (data added as they get reports from their workers)
  3. World Christian Database - worldchristiandatabase.org – online but at a fee to access.
  4. Etnopedia - etnopedia.org –The most comprehensive collection of unreached people profiles
  5. Global Network of Mission Structures LMC list - gnms.net/lmc.php.